Grow Learning Company 30 Piece Puzzle: Washing our Car (in a box)

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Get your child active and outside while they complete the 30-piece puzzle and hopefully they would want to jump up and go outside after they have completed the puzzle. This colourful wooden jigsaw puzzle inspires young minds to turn play into a learning success.

Product details:

  • 30 Piece Puzzle in a box
  • Package Size: 18 x 15.5cm
  • Puzzle Size: 210mm x 297mm
  • Age: 4+

Learning Benefits:

  • Building puzzles enhances cognitive skills as your child will have to plan and problem-solve how the pieces fit into each other; enhancing and building a good foundation for early mathematical skills.
  • Building puzzles could assist in improving hand-eye and fine motor coordination as your child will have to pick up the pieces and place them at a specific place to interlock with each other.
  • Building puzzles encourages visual perceptual skills such as visual figure-ground, visual spatial relations and visual closure. Your child picks up specific pieces, contemplates as to where the pieces will fit and then places them with the correct orientation.
  • The bright, colourful pictures can be used for discussions and improvement of language skills at the same time.
  • Puzzles are a great tool to use to improve social skills. Puzzles can be built together and enhance sharing and working in a group.