Djeco Little Action

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Little Action from Djeco is a superbly crafted interactive game for little ones from 2½ – 5 years of age that gets them throwing, balancing, aiming and catching the six little animals in the box. Children need to follow the visual instructions on the action cards. If they succeed they win a medal. When all the action cards have been used up, the player with the most medals is the winner.

  • A first action game to get young children handling objects and developing their fine motor skills.
  • Contents: 6 animal figurines, 20 challenge cards and 12 medals.
  • 2-4 players
  • Game duration: Approximately 10 minutes
  • Age 2½ – 5 years

This is another quality game from Djeco that combines fun with lots of educational value. When children are doing all the required actions they are learning:

  • Fine motor control and spatial planning when balancing animals on top of each other
  • Crossing the midline when passing an animal around and around their body
  • Following visual instructions on the action cards
  • Learning how to take turns
  • Winning and losing