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BrainBox is a fast and fun observation and memory game that does not require any pencils, paper a playing board or even a table!  A game lasts as long as you want it to, 10 minutes is the norm, but playing for 5 minutes is also great fun.

BrainBox is designed for children learning the alphabet to help improve observation and memory skills.  Each of the cards covers a letter of the alphabet shown in upper and lower case as well as the most used letter blends.  Developed in conjunction with an experienced primary school teacher, this game is a valuable learning tool.  Packed in a sturdy magnetic cube box, BrainBox is ready to play without any set-up time needed.

How to Play

  • The youngest player goes first. Take a card from the BrainBox, turn over the sand timer and study the card.
  • When the timer is finished, the player passes the card to another player and rolls the die.
  • That player reads the question that corresponds to the number displayed on the dice. The answer is checked by looking at the front of the card as this will show the correct answer.
  •  If you have answered correctly you keep the card, if not, return the card.
  •  The next player then take their turn.
  •  The winner is the player with the most cards after 10 minutes.

This product is made from a minimum of 70% recycled material.  This game has been designed in the UK.

BrainBox ABC contains 54 cards, all the letters of the alphabet and letter blends such as “the” and “ch”. A great way to start your ABC, cards show simple images to help associate words with letters.

  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • 1 or more players
  • Includes 54 cards, a sand timer, 1 die and a rules card