Educational Insights Shapes Up

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Shape up your spatial-thinking skills with this exciting game of colours, shapes and strategy. Players fit shapes together to cover their boards and form a multi-coloured square. Keep those thinking skills in ship-shape condition because your opponent may steal a piece from you, forcing you to redesign your entire board before time runs out!

A great game to develop strategic thinking at school or home.

How to play Shapes Up:

  • Roll the die, and take that shape from the shapes tray.
  • Place the shape on your game board. Identical colours may only touch at the corners.  They may not touch along the sides.
  • Adding to the fun, when players roll a hand symbol, they take a piece from another player’s board!
  • If shapes don’t fit the board, rearrange your board before the timer runs out. The player whose board is filled first and yells “Shapes Up”, wins!

Contents: 4 game boards, 32 large triangles, 32 small triangles, 16 squares, 1 shape tray, 1 die, and a timer.

For 2 to 4 players.

Ages 7+

Box size: 27 x 26 x 5.6cm