Kid O – A to Z Magnatab: Uppercase

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The Magnatab is a wonderful learning tool that provides an early writing lesson. Explore creating letters in a sensory-reinforced activity that allows children to process information and develop understanding through their eyes, ears and fingertips. Following the directional arrows, use the magnetized pen to trace over the letters  and the beads will pop to the surface with an audible click revealing the shape. Press them back down with your finger or the pen and start over.

Learn all the upper case letters and practice your early penmanship. Master the shapes of every letter though repetition and practice.

  •  A magnetic stylus is the pen, the bead board the paper, your finger the eraser; the pull of the magnet engages sense memory in early writing lessons
  • Trace the numbered arrows as the stylus pulls the beads up to form a solid line
  • Push the beads down with a finger or the pen side to erase and start over; the beads are completely self-contained and do not come out of the board
  • For ages 3+.
  • Not suitable for children under 3. This product contains small magnetic parts. Magnets sticking together or becoming attached to a metallic object inside the human body can cause serious or fatal injury.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 24 x 2cm (packaged)