Imagimags Foundation Set (108 Pieces)

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The foundation set is the perfect starting point for a collection of Imagimags. With a generous number of tiles, it is
sufficient to bring imaginations to life. Everything your children need to begin experiencing open-ended play.

The classic Foundation Set with a generous offering of geometric shapes enables collaborative play and learning. A perfect launching pad for open-ended play in your home. Vehicle bases bring movement. Let your imagination take off!

With 4 bases, 3 shapes of triangles, and an abundance of squares and rectangles, you can play and play for hours.

STEAM learning of mathematical concepts and scientific enquiry while you create and innovate with colour.

As your stories enter your play with Imagimags, you are role-playing and processing emotions. This is the greatest gift of open-ended play.

For ages 3 years & older.

Warning: Choking hazard. This product contains small magnets (encased in strong plastic). Not suitable for children under 3 years.


4 Large Bases
36 Solid Squares
18 Equilateral Triangles
12 Isosceles Triangles
12 Small Rectangles
12 Square Frames
12 Tall Isosceles Triangles
2 Vehicles
Downloadable STEAM Inspiration
Booklet (26 pages)

Package Dimensions:
38cm x 24cm x 8cm