Imagimags Construction Set (18 Pieces)

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Now, Imagimags is compatible with your favourite building bricks!

Integrate your two favourite construction toys – building bricks and Imagimags! The Construction Set tiles have building brick-compatible surfaces.

We know young engineers and architects, scientists and designers already integrate their construction toys with their Imagimags magnetic tiles.

Build on studded magnetic tiles with your favourite building bricks, plates and figurines. Then incorporate these tiles into your structures, adding interest and fun!

Construction toys are renowned for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

They enable creative and divergent thinking when used in open-ended play.

When you connect building bricks to Imagimags magnetic studded tiles, you bring them into the world of your Imagimags imagination and you experience the ultimate open-ended play!

For ages 3 years & older.


18 Studded Square Magnetic tiles *Connects to leading building brick brands

Package Dimensions:
24cm x 16cm x 3cm