Professor Noggin’s Pets Card Game

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Puppies, kittens, hamsters, lizards, turtles, fish – everyone wants a pet! But, how much do you know about your chosen pet and the responsibilities associated with owning one? Discover interesting facts about all your beloved animals and the proper way to care for them in this fun card game.

Each Professor Noggin’s card game includes 30 topic cards in the box. Each card has 3 easy questions and 3 hard questions for a total of 180 questions in the game.  The question selected is decided by the roll of the dice. If a question is answered correctly, the card is won; if answered incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of the card pile.  If the card comes up again, depending on the dice roll, one may or may not get the same question. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

This pack includes 30 illustrated cards, a dice and instructions.

Package Size: 13 x 17cm
Suitable for Ages: 7+
No of Players: 2+