Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

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Help children develop fine-motor and pre-scissor skills and get ready for writing, cutting, and more. Four tools and four different ways to develop the small hand muscles needed for writing and daily living. As children have fun playing, picking up objects, and squirting and sifting water, they are developing hand control and acquiring the skills needed for self-help and daily living needs. Motor planning is also part of the play as children figure out how they need to move their hands and arms to pick up objects. It helps children develop stability and learn how to control parts of their body while other parts move. Fine motor skills can also contribute to communication skills. Being able to write a note, use a computer, or draw a picture are all ways children communicate and they require fine motor skills. These Helping Hands Fine Motor Tools are the perfect set to prepare children for using and controlling their hands and fingers with purpose and precision.

This set includes 1 of each tool: Gator Grabber Tweezer, Handy Scooper, Twisty Dropper, and Squeezy Tweezer.

Gator Grabber Tweezers are small to fit a child’s hand comfortably and contoured to prompt children to use a tripod grasp, similar to how they hold a pencil. (measures 8.5 cm L)

Handy Scooper is a unique tool and a handy way to build the muscles needed for cutting with scissors! Easy grip handles have a double hole for fingers and a single hole for a thumb, like scissors do to help children master holding, opening, and closing the tool. They feature translucent scoops with holes to allow for catch-and-release fun during water play. (measures 15cm L)

Twisty Droppers put a fun twist on water play and strengthen whole hand grasp with a squeeze bulb to pick up and release water through the twisty tube. (measures 15cm L)

Squeezy Tweezers are opened and closed by squeezing in the middle of the tool. This strengthens small muscles in the fingers and hands while developing more refined finger grasp to help with writing, buttoning a shirt, or picking up small objects. The Squeezy Tweezer also builds hand-eye coordination. (measures 12cm L).

Ages 3+