The Great Dragon Race

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The International Dragon Championships are on in The Land of Floating Isles. The first event is the most prestigious – known as The Great Dragon Race! Which Dragon and Rider will be the fastest, the first to complete the hazardous obstacle course?

Dodge blazing cannonballs and ballista bolts, outsmart and out ride your opponents to win this race through the Land of Floating Isles. Treasure to the champion and a place in dragon-racing history!

Story cards are included so that you can learn the background of each dragon and rider. Choose your dragon and dragon rider and prepare for the race!

This game box contains:

  • An extra large game board
  • 4 Dragon characters & Stands
  • 4 Card Legends
  • 56 Cards
  • Instructions

Suitable for Ages 8+      No of players: 2 – 4
Playing time: 25-45 minutes

Package Size: 25.5 x 35.5cm