Maze Bead Game Box (Bead Stacker)

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The Maze Bead Game Box by Tooky Toy is a great activity set for young children to promote multiple areas of development, including fine motor skills, counting, colour recognition, shape recognition, language development, and conceptual understanding of size and comparison.

The maze bead game is easy to set up by simply placing a cardboard picture behind each of the rods. Next, find the matching bead to the picture and thread the bead on the rod. Once completed, your beads should look just like the picture behind. Another activity is to thread the beads on the included lace, to match the picture card.

The Maze Bead Game also packs up easily for great on-the-go, travel games . Each game comes with 54 wooden colourful beads, a stacking tower, threaded rope and copy cards. The wooden Maze Bead Game from Tooky Toys is made from timber and finished to the highest quality. This toy is painted in child safe, non toxic paint.

Package Size: 29 x 29 x 4.5cm

Contents: 54 wooden beads in 9 colours (size of square bead: 3 x 3cm), 4 laces, a stacking tower with 3 rods, and 6 double sided activity cards.

Suitable for ages 3+.  Long laces and rods. Use this game with adult supervision.  Choking hazard – Small parts, strangulation hazard – long cords.