Learning Resources Teaching Tac-Tiles

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Teaching Tac-Tiles is an ideal way to encourage hands-on learning of shapes, colours, counting, patterning, and other early development skills. The Tac-Tiles help engage all the senses in play. Kids can touch and feel the different textured surfaces and even hear the sounds the plastic pieces make when they click together. Activity Cards help turn the learning into a fun and engaging game that kids will love to play.

Reach into the bag to find two matching shapes or textures only by touch, or follow the activity cards, learn shape identification while building vocabulary and early math skills.

Children as young as three can benefit from the Tac-Tiles, since no reading is needed to play. This set is also perfect for students with special needs, who may really enjoy the tactile sensation of the different pieces.

  • The set includes 20 durable plastic pieces in 5 shapes and 4 textures (smooth, bumpy, ridged, and rough), 10 Activity Cards  and a drawstring bag.
  • Ages 3+
  • Combines tactile learning with math and language
  • Learn shapes – triangle, circle, square, rectangle and hexagon
  • Build vocabulary by learning new words to describe textures,  shapes and colours
  • Strengthen fine motor skills