Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

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This shopping-themed matching and memory game is a bestseller! Race to fill your trolley or basket with all of the items on your shopping list, in this fun memory game.


2 shopping trolleys
2 shopping baskets
4 shopping lists
32 item cards
1 instruction leaflet

Age range: 3 – 7 years / Players: 2 – 4 / Box dimensions: 14.2 x 19.5 x 5cm

Although the game is for 2 – 4 players, game-play can also be extended to 6 or 8 players by adding either the “clothes” or “Fruit and Veg” booster packs for additional items and lists.

Silver winner – Practical Pre-School Awards 2005

Gold Winner Mother & Baby 2013

How to play the game:

The object of the game is to collect all the items on your shopping list. Players need to use their memory and visual perception skills to win at this great game.
Each player takes a shopping list board. The groceries are then placed face down in front of the players. Each player takes a turn to turn over one of the grocery cards. First they check to see if the card matches any items on their shopping list.  If it does, they take the card, and place it on their shopping trolley. If they do not have a match, the player shows the rest of the players what grocery item it was, and places it face down in the centre. The play is then passed to the next player.
The winner is the first player to collect all the groceries on their shopping list.