Orchard Toys Enchanted Forest 75 Piece Puzzle

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This colourful, busy jigsaw puzzle has 75 large, chunky pieces, and measures approximately 42.5cms x 61.5cms.

In this colourful scene, the fairies, elves, dwarves and goblins live happily among the animals and magical creatures. There is a flying unicorn and a friendly red dragon, and all live together in this amazing forest. There is plenty to talk about and look for in the picture: how many fairies can you see? Can you spot a troll living under a bridge? How many butterflies can you count? What colour is the frog? But what makes this puzzle even more enchanting is the magic viewer that comes with the puzzle; this special spy-glass will let you uncover all sorts of hidden secrets among the leaves and flowers , and it will reveal secret things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  An activity guide on the box will provide plenty of other ideas to extend the play value of this exciting puzzle.

  • Contents: 75 Piece Puzzle, 1 Magic Viewer and a consumer leaflet
  • Puzzle size: 42.5 x 61.5cm
  • Recommended¬†for ages 4-8 years
  • Use the magic viewer to reveal the forest’s hidden secrets