Mosquito Madness

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“Go” – the mosquito madness begins! Flip your collecting board and race to find the nine mosquitoes pictured on your card. Spot a match – slap your hand on the mosquito and place it on top of the matching mosquito on your collecting board. Remember – the shape, colour and pattern must match! The eighteen maddening mosquitoes can mess with your mind!! Yell “mosquito” when you are sure you have all nine and the round is over!

This bug slapping matching game is great fun!

Skills developed while playing this game:
Hand-eye Coordination (fine motor)

This game box contains:
72 mosquito discs (4 x 18 different mosquitoes)
8 collecting boards

Suitable for Ages 4+         No of players: 2 – 8

Package Size: 26.8 x 27cm